Take your City Back


Lets be honest, there are a lot of enemies. For the most part in the past, they have remained quiet and in the dark working tirelessly to destroy from within. They have made agreements by threatening our mayor and they have gotten othe rpeoples' arms twisted in the name of reconciliation, jobs for under privilidged people of color, entertainment, and so much more. But today, they are awake, emboldened, and strengthened by a wekling of a mayor who has allows the slime to permiate your fine city.  Get out there, be active, dont let them be the ones that are loudest, largest strongest and most vocal. Their banners are striking and large. They are intimidating honest, clean, hard working people of all colors beliefs and races. They are destroying our community from within, and now they are attacking on the inside and the outside. There are many evil forces at play tearing the earth and your legacy right fomr beneath your feet.

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, The New Orleans "Workers Groups", under the guise of legitimate non profits have taken root. It is time to send them packing and we intend to do just that. Stop these bigots and hateful people from destroying us and take your city back. The leaders of these groups have opened a pandoras box. Time for targets and time for action. Start looking for the leaders and get the dirt on them, fight them in any way possible. 



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