About Me

I was Born June 1966 in Rural North Carolina to a beautiful mother who was a rebel. She rode Harleys, and was one of the flower children of her day. I was raised by my Cotton Mill working Grandparents, who came from the area of Cornelius, Habersham and Taccoa Georgia. My dad is an Army Veteran during the Vietnam Era. My parents divorced when I was very young. I believe I was three years old. Since that time I had three other father figures, but I was raised by my grandmother and  grandfather who adopted us at three.

My grandmother was a God Fearing Christian and she was the sweetest woman I  ever knew.  She loved her soap operas, and quilting and never missed church. She made sure we had all we needed. She put us through boy scouts and helped us become fine young Christian men with manners. She never saw the bad in people. She never saw skin color as a condition and treated everyone as if they were her own family.

My Grandfather, was a Navy Seabee, and he was a stalwart provider for all of us and he was a strict, family loving man who loved Hank Williams Senior.  He stopped work at the 5th grade to work on the farm picking cotton in Georgia. While he was gruff and stern, he was the best dad a man could have asked for.

My great grandfather was called “The Old Man on the Lake” in Georgia. After an accident, he was the caretaker of a small lake in Georgia with his wife for the majority of his life. They rented out boats and fishing supplies to the lake. I have fond memories of visiting that lake.

My fourth great grandfather was a soldier from Cornelius Georgia who signed up in Atlanta Georgia to defend his own family tobacco farm. He was married twice, had several children. Not once has he ever owned a slave. He and the family worked hard to farm the tobacco and sell it through several states with a small wagon. I am very proud of his service, regardless of the rhetoric in 2018 by progressives who would like to delete history.

After living in Michigan for a short while (1983 or so) , I moved back for a short time to North Carolina, then joined the The Marine Corps. I served from 1985 to 1993. I am a 1991 Gulf War veteran. I lived on and off  of Oahu, Hawaii for 26 years. While in the Marines, I traveled the Pacific Theater (Guam, Wake Island Tarawa, Ie Shima, Japan, Okinawa, Philippines, etc), then returned to North Carolina to my ailing mother in 2010.

I have three wonderful children,  and a very loving caring beautiful Filipino Fiance (As of this writing).

I lost my wonderful mother in 2016 from chronic COPD. We then lost our childhood home to personal family matters. We moved to Dallas N.C. where we now reside.

I am a patriot, I love my country and I intend to defend it, until I die.

Semper Fidelis.